Data Visualization

Generate 3-way Venns with tailored labels and legends from pandas DataFrames

As an avid python enthusiast, I recently came across the task of generating a 3-way Venn diagram. The quantity of time I spent on this seemingly simple task illuminated areas of sparsity in my working knowledge of matplotlib. May this tutorial aid others in efficiently customizing matplotlib embedded text to generate graphics ready for publication, dashboards, or reports. The full Jupyter Notebook is hosted on GitHub.


Let’s begin with data stored in pandas DataFrames. As a standard data structure, we wish to quickly visualize categorical data from three DataFrames or Series. For the purpose of this example, we will consider…

Inside AI

History of the Curse of Dimensionality, Distance Measure Implications, and Unsupervised Learning Methods


“The purpose of this work is to provide an introduction to mathematical theory of multi-stage decision processes. Since these constitute a somewhat formidable set of terms we have coined the term ‘dynamic programming’ to describe the subject matter. […] Each decision may be thought of as a choice of a certain number of variables which determine the transformation to be employed. Each sequence of choices […] is a choice of a larger set of variables. By lumping all these choices together, we ‘reduce’ the problem to a classical problem of determining the maximum of a given function. […] The determination…

Kate Wall

PhD Student | Statistician | Engineer | Enthusiast of all things data science!

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